Big Data, 

Big Problems 

Big Data, Big Problems.

It is with deep regret and following much contemplation that we need to cancel the inaugural light sheet workshop planned for this July. We absolutely did not want to do this but challenges in arranging travel, housing (summer housing is shutdown), live animals etc are proving too significant to overcome at this time.

While we expect the current crisis will have abated by the end of July, we feel the current climate is not conducive to the energy and interest we want to generate for the first US based light sheet workshop.

We are truly disappointed that we have to cancel the event.

We do plan on holding this workshop next year, during a same timeframe, exact dates to be determined in the near future.

Wishing wellness and safety to all of you and yours

Acquiring data using light-sheet and other technologies is hard enough.

This workshop has three main goals:

Teaching you how to prepare your sample

Showing you what technique works best for what size sample.

Helping you determine how to process and analyze your data.

Big Data, Big Problems

Multi-dimensional live and fixed microscope data can be collected in so many ways, and the various solutions seem to grow almost daily. There are many courses that focus on general optical principals and the use of conventional microscope platforms such as widefield fluorescence, confocal and multiphoton imaging but none that are specifically designed to demystify rapidly evolving and increasingly prescient methods such as light sheet imaging. Ultimately this is the goal of this course, what is light sheet microscopy in all its flavors, what can you do with it, how do you choose between platforms and once you have a system or are proficient with a device what do you do with the data? This week long course brings together experts in conventional optics, all aspects of light sheet microscopy and image analysis to help you bring your light sheet based cellular, animal and large sample/cleared sample imaging to the next level. From the syllabus you will see that we start out with principals and choices and then move into specific systems instructed by both academic and industry faculty. In fact we have will have almost all the available commercial solutions on site for you to use. We will provide samples, but equally you are welcome to use your own. Our goal is that you will return to your home institution fully capable to implement and use these truly exciting new tools

Big Data, Big problems was conceived during a panel discussion at a North Atlantic Microscopy Society (NAMS) meeting.  Scientific attendees voiced the need for an extended light-sheet workshop in the U.S..

Big Data, Big Problems 2019


Amy Elliot National Institutes of Health

Holly Gibbs Texas A&M

Elizabeth Hillman Columbia University

Jan Huisken Morgridge Institute for Research

Gary Laevsky Princeton University

Talley Lambert Harvard University

Wesley Legant University of North Carolina

Paul Maddox University of North Carolina

Alison North The Rockefeller University

Doug Richardson Harvard University

Hari Shroff National Institutes of Health

Claudette St. Croix University of Pittsburgh

Sebastian Streichan University of California Santa Barbara

Simon Watkins University of Pittsburgh


Big Data; Big Questions

Monday 7/27

12:00p           Check-in

1:00-1:30        Intro

1:30-2:30        Optical principals                                         SimonWatkins

2:30-3:30        Fundamentals of optical sectioning             Simon Watkins


3:30-4:30        Fluorescent probes/proteins                         Claudette St. Croix

4:30-6:00       3D imaging options                                       Alison North

6:00-8:00       Dinner/reception

8-?                Instrument tour (pick your imaging system)

Tuesday 7/28

8-9                 Breakfast

9-10                What is a light-sheet?                                    Talley Lambert

10-11               Detectors                                                        Simon Watkins

11-12                What kinds of light-sheet exist?                   Talley Lambert

12-1                  Lunch

1-2                   Match sample to system/application            Gary Laevsky

2-3                   Clearing Techniques                                      Douglass Richardson

3-6                   Lab: Sample prep

3-4:30                        Cells/monolayers/coverslips

4:30-6                        Organisms

6-7                   Dinner

7-?                   Acquisition

Wednesday 7/29

8-9                  Breakfast

9-9:30              Elizabeth Hillman (SCAPE)

9:30-10:00        Sebastian Streichan (MuVi)

10-10:30           Paul Maddox (TILT)

10:30-10:45       Break

10:45-11:15        Amy Elliot (diSPIM)

11:15-11:45         Jan Huisken (Flamingo)

11:45-12:15        Wesley Legant (Lattice)

12:15-1:15          Lunch

1-5                   Analysis of collected datasets

5-6:30              Light-sheet applications

                               Jared Toettcher (fly embryo/monolayer)

                               Eszter Posfai (mammalian embryo)

                               Kelly Seagraves (whole mouse brain imaging)

6:30-7:30          Dinner

7:30-?               Acquisition (compare systems used before/new technology)

Thursday 7/30

8-9                  Breakfast

9-10                 Data Handling                                              Douglas Richardson

10-11                3D data visualization                                    Holly Gibbs

11-12                Data Handling                                              Douglas Richardson

12-1 Lunch

1-6                  Canned datasets/analysis

6-9                  Closing reception/talk                                   Jan Huisken

Friday 7/31

8-9                 Breakfast

9-11                Student presentations

10-11               Funding and futures                                       SimonWatkins

11-12               Closing talk                                                     Hari Schroff

12-1                 Box lunch/Departure